will b16 header fit b18?

My friend is willing to give his B16 DC headers to me but I’m not sure if it will fit my B18a engine? Or does it need any big modifications to make it fit? Let me know if its worth the trouble.

downpipe will probably not be long enough. might have to get some kind of extention coming from the cat to meet the outlet on the header. other than that it will bolt straight up.

cool thx, ok do you know how much shorter is the B16 headers than the b18 headers like how many inches ? I’m thinking of just extending it from the headers downpipe before I slap it in my car.
Oh how bout the 02 sensors are they on the same place?

JETSPD1477: Hey bro just letting you know that the b16 header
WILL NOT BOLT STRAIGHT UP to a B18 engine. Wasted my whole day trying to take of that damn old rusted exhaust manifold in a 110 degrees garage. Got burns and scratches everywhere trying to squeeze that POS header in that tiny space where it should be. Man it felt so good when I got the headers in but I almost sh*t in my pants when I figured that the bolts doesn’t line up together. I am so pissed right now pls. guys make sure you know what you’re talking about before giving advices.:mad:

I used a b16 header for my ls/vtec and it didnt line up completely straight, but it wasnt very off, i still got the bolts in too, also it wasnt that hard to make it fit, it only took me like a minute.

I can’t see how you got them fit. Even the old gasket of the b16 header is like half inch shorter that the b18 gasket. I think the only way to make it fit is to make the hole bigger or just drill a new hole which will f*ck up the header. Well the header is still in the bay I’m gonna give one more try tomorrow monrnig. Thinking of just getting an obx header just not to waste all my effort for doing this, even I don’t plan on wasting money on a header.

I hope you get it in, btw mine was a 1 piece 4-1 if that helps