will b16 header fit ls teg?

will it bolt right up with no mods? how about the 4-1 for the b16 to ls motor, i know that i have to cut the crossmember but anything else?

what do you mean by “b16a” header? Because the b16a engine came in many different cars (89-91 civic sir, crx, and integra xsi, 92-93 integra xsi, 92+ civic sir, mid 90’s del sols, 99+ civic Si’s). So, which header do you mean?

here is the deal. the header will bolt to the engine without any problems. All b series exhaust manifolds will bolt to any other b series engine. There are 3 main things you need to worry about:

1)placement of the o2 sensor (usually this really isn’t a big deal)

2)Will it clear crossmembers and other structural parts of the car

3)Will it bolt up to your exhaust in the right spot?

So, depending on which “b16a” header you are referring to, it may or may not fit.

ok, this guy is selling a 4-1 header for 150. and it came out of the b16 that he had in his teg, I was wondering if it will line up or not? Does anyone know?

it may fit, it depends on what integra he had it on—really you need to be more specific if you want good specific answers.

if it came off of a 90-91 integra it will fit on your car if your car is a 90-91 teg. And it should fit on a 92-93 integra if you shorten the exhaust—or if you have an aftermarket exhaust you could just remove the exhaust extension.

if it came off of a 92-93 integra then it will fit on a 92-93 integra. Or a 90-91 integra if you use the correct exhaust extension.

if it came off of a 94+ integra i’m really not sure how it will fit, if at all.

Also, be aware that many of the 4-1 headers out there were never intended to be used on our tegs–so for them to be used your cat would need a different style flange on it. You can see what i mean in some of the other 4-1 header posts—dan usually replies and he has some good pics of the modifications he had to have done. So, in addition to having the right length, you need the right style/shape/size flange to be able to bolt it on.

Wow It seems like that is alot of work, Do you guys think that it will be best if I just buy the DC 4-2-1 instead? Will I feel the difference between the 4-1 and 4-2-1? thanks

4-2-1 will give you mid range and high end poer

4-1 usually will give you more high end than a 4-2-1, but less midrange power

so, its kind of a toss up. Since you seem to be running a relatively stock b18a i’d just stick w/ a dc or neuspeed 4-2-1. Something that will bolt right on and perform well.

if you had a b18c or something of the sort then maybe a 4-1 would be what you want to go with. I’m not exactly sure why most people get the 4-1’s on their vtec engines, but that seems to be what they are doing.

actually one part could be the larger collector. most all headers available for our cars have approx a 2" collector. Whereas the jdm 4-1’s usually have a 2.25"-2.5" collector. so, that could be part of the reason.

Really its not a lot of work to get it to fit. Dan just notched his crossmember, and had an exhaust shop fix the flange—no big deal. Mainly you just need to know what year integra the header came off of.