will bumper fit in hatch?

I know this sounds like a silly question but I’m planning on picking up a rear bumper from this guy in Tennessee and was wondering if y’all think it will fit with the rear seats folded down.:hmm:

yes it will fit if your going down in a coupe

yep I got one passenger, and in the coupe. thanks

lay down teh seats and sit it ‘caddy corner’ at worst one you will sit close to the front unless you’re already short

thanks. yeah im 5"6 lol. I think it will work out.

We need to bring back the thread where you post the largest stuff you fit in your teg.

I can personaly atest. that not only can you fit one bumper, but you can fit 2 as well as a set of skirts and road trips worth of shit in the back of the teggy.