will fan and heater work with A/C deleted?

I deleted the entire a/c system in the engine bay except under the dash. I still like to turn on the fan and heater evey now and then. If i delete the a/c under the dash will I still be able to use the heater or cool air blower.

If you replace (or block off, under the hood) the AC condensor unit fron under the dash with the oem ‘duct’, yes the heater and blower motor will still work…

I guess even if you left the AC condensor under the dash, the heater and blower will still work, youd just have leakage in the engine bay if the ports arent plugged.

Yes it will work like this and I never had any leaks when I had my DA like this. Before I did my wire tuck, I still the condensor under the dash.

Does anyone know how to rewire the AC wire harness to remove AC?

you dont need to rewire anything