Will LS ECU and distributor work in a GSR?

I know this sounds like a stupid question but im having a car wont start problem. I have searched multiple times along with consulting a mechanic and Honda dealership. Me and a mechanic have spent about coutless hours going over everything possible but cant figure out whats wrong. I have fuel pressure but no spark. Ignitor was changed, coil is good, wires and plugs are farily new. Checked all connectors, and wiring inside and out of car. Every fuse is getting power.

My question is would an ECU out of a LS plug into my car just to see if it will start? I have a friend witha a LS and wanted to try swapping some parts. I know the car wont run correctly but i dont care about that, i just want to see if it will start. ALso the same question about the whole distributor unit, can i swap that just to see if the car will start?

Any help would be appreciated. thanks

it wont start at all

my gsr had problems a while back but it would start then let it warm up and it would die and not start, all because of the thermostat, the car a safety shut off when it gets above a certain temp it shuts off.

it got so hot to keep buring ignitors and coils

yeah the car doest start at all. it was wierd too cuz there was no warning at all. I went to work in the morning, car was fine. Went to lunch, car was fine, when i tried to leave work 3 hours later the car just wouldnt start.

You can use the LS ECU but the LS distributor won’t work unless you cut the front mounting leg off since it interferes w/ the VTEC solenoid. Are you using a Honda coil/ignitor?

yes the ignitor is from honda… the coil is the stock coil but tests good, i have a coil coming into honda today that i will try anyway just to make sure though. I even got a main relay yesterday from honda and tried that with no luck.