will the 92-93 trunk fit into the 90-91?

so got rear tails from a 93 but not knowing that they fit differently…

so im thinking i should just get the trunk replaced anyways, its not in very condition…

They will fit but you will need tail lights from the same year.

they should fit fine, 92-93 into 90-91, 90-91 into 92-93 no problem, also with the trunk filler, all the same shiet

The only thing you need is the corresponding trunk and tail lights. so 90-91 lights and trunk. The weather stripping is the same for both trunk styles

and I now make a carbon fiber trunk for the 92-93 (wink wink) :rockon:

Uhh… Is this for a 2 Door DA or 4 Door DB?.

The 2 door trunk/hatch is the same in all years 1990-1993… The 4 Door is different from 90-91 and 92-93.

i have a set of 93 tails but i didnt know that i need the 92-93 trunk…

Do you have a 2 door or 4 door?


Ah, yea. Then you need to change the trunk lid to swap tail lights.

what’s up Alan,long time no see. You got any plans to get another DA or DB? havent heard from or seen you in awhile.