Will They Fit????

will the omni drag coilovers for an INTEGRA TYPE-R fit in my DA?? will this also remedy the problem with the eye-type sockets so i can install type-r LCAs aswell??

if you want suspension to fit ITR LCA’s, you need suspension meant for an ITR.

so will they fit if so what will i have to change??

I’m trying, I’m really trying to not lose my patience and tear you a new one

What chassis are you getting the Omni Drag Coilovers for?

for my 1990 DA

I wasn’t aware Omnipower made drag coilovers for the DA chassis. Do you have a link that lists this specific application?

No Im Talking About If The Drag Coilovers For A Type-r Would Fit On My Da? And If So What Modifications Would Have To Be Done If Any?

You’d need ITR LCAs, then. Not sure about sway bar mounting… that may be an issue. Maybe someone else can chime in on that.

up any more insight??

sway bars will be fine. you’ll need the ITR rear LCA’s as mentioned, and you’ll also need DC front forks.

I happen to have a pair (of front forks) for sale in the appropriate forum, thread title along the lines of NE: Garage Sale.

So i need the DC front fork for the rear?? or why would i need them if im referring to the rear??

Logic would dictate that you need the DC FRONT fork for the FRONT.

The shocks are different diameter at the base where the fork attaches, so if you plan on getting DC suspension (i.e. ITR coilovers) then you’ll need the DC forks so you can install the front pair.

Unless I totally missed something and you’re not buying anything for the front, just the rear. In which case you’ll be GTG with just the ITR LCA’s. If you plan on installing front suspension as well (which I suspect is the case) that is not originally intended for the DA chassis (IOW the Omni drag kit for ITR comes with front and rear components, yes?) then you’ll require the forks for said intended chassis–in this case, DC ITR.

I’m actually only referring to the REAR the front im good to go, and the Omni’s Drags that i seen only come for the rear.

So i just wanted to know if i install the Omni’s for the Type-r would i need to do any type of modification?? other than installing the type-r LCA’s?

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I’ve never really paid attention to Omnipower’s suspension lineup. Never really needed to. :shrug: