Will this fit my car? PLEASE HELP!

Whats up g2ic members my question is will my friends ek hatch wink mirror fit my da? He wanted to trade i guess he doesnt really like it, he likes the other mirror better. But will it fit or is his ek larger length from sun visors? Any suggestions appreciated thanks in advance.

Why not look up the Wink mirror and see what applications it lists as fitting?

i thot wink mirrors were universal?

x2 on the universal fitment, and why don’t you just borrow and test fit from your friend once he takes it off?

universal to my knowledge also. But x2 ^^^ take all of 2 seconds to see if it will line up.

If this is a street car I’d advise against using a wink style mirror, you’ll loose your sun visors which is not only annoying, but dangerous. This type of mirror belongs on race cars, not street cars.

I got a wink mirror and operational visors. There are a couple ways to mount it which allow you to keep the visors.

You should post pics, cause that’s exactly why I don’t have one.

[QUOTE=da6YO;2269243]You should post pics, cause that’s exactly why I don’t have one.[/QUOTE] Yes i would def. like to keep my visors also. Thanks to all you though much help.