Window motor toast?

Hey guys, I have a 1991 2 door Integra and it seems that my window motor is broken but I need help to verify. So I rolled my window down one day and it seemed to work fine until Irolled it back up. It made it about halfway then stopped and dropped down. You can still hear the motor spinning in there when you hit the button and the motor grabs the window for a second or two then drops it again. Just wondering if the motor needs to bereplaced or what? Thank you guysin advance.

If you can hear the motor it is fine your problem, if your lucky will be the window is disconnected from the regulator.

If your not lucky the regulator is damaged.

Inserting a image/pix here at G2 sux, here is the link…
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How would I go about knowing if its damaged or just disconnected? I’m guessing ill have to take the window/ door apart?