Window slider Replacement Thread-Teg Tip

Ok, this thread is for all of you who have windows that shake, wiggle, don’t seal, are loose, etc etc etc

The reason for this is the window sliders, which are screwed into the glass of the window. These are what they look like new from Acura.

The tools I used to do this include:
Philips blade screwdriver
Socket wrench
10mm socket
12mm socket
6” extension
Vice grips
Some kind of slider lube (I used silicone spray)
I also used Windex and paper towels to clean the glass before I replaced it
A second set of hands comes in helpful during the process a coupe times

  1. Roll down your window so only about 4” of the rear of the glass is sticking up out of the top of the door.(Fourth picture below)
  2. Remove the screws from the door panel in which you are fixing the sliders. Refer to picture below. All screws are Philips and the arrows in the picture point to each screw that needs to be removed.(there are 5)
  3. After removing the screws, hold the bottom of the door panel with both of your hands, and pry it away from the door. It will not break; there are little clips that will pop away from the door, which are connected to the door panel.
  4. After removing the bottom of the panel from the door, get a good grip on the panel, and pull straight up on it. There are clips on the top of the panel holding and sealing it to the top of the door. This sometimes takes some fudging, and playing around with, but it will work. Do not be afraid to use some strength pulling it off, but be sure to not bend/brake the weather stripping.
  5. After removing the panel from the door, there will be a plug going into the front of the panel from the door(shown below), remove this plug, and then lay the panel to the side.
  6. Next you will see a plastic paper covering the whole inside of the door. Pull the plastic away until it looks like the picture below. When putting everything back together you will need to put the plastic back in place. I did not glue mine back, I just unraveled it so it was in the proper place and put the panel back on, but it is up to you.
  7. Next remove the two 12mm bolts at the top of the door, which are used to stop the window from sliding up to high. From the back they look like this. After removing the bolt from the back of the door take these pieces out of the door and lay them to the side, but do not lose them.

8. Next remove the 2 10mm nuts screwed into the window, the ones that are attached to the bar that the glass slides up and down on. For this step you must make sure the glass is rolled up the correct amount. If not, you will not be able to access the front 10mm nut. There is a little hole in the front of the door where you use the extension along with the 10mm socket and socket wrench to get it out. It can be seen in the picture below. If the glass is either to high, or to low, then put the panel back on and adjust it, so it is in the correct place.
9. After removing the nuts they should look like this:
10. This is the first step where having and extra set of hands is helpful. In this step, you need one person to hold the top of the glass (so that it does not fall down inside the door), and another person to push the arm (which was connected to the glass by the two 10mm nuts) away from the glass, so that the two screws sticking out of the glass are no longer inside the holes in the arm. After doing this pull the glass straight up out of the door. Be careful when pulling the glass out of the door not to damage the weather stripping on the outside of the door, it can rip and tear.
11. Once the glass is out of the door it should look like this. You can see how my sliders were broken, and what the new sliders look like.

12. To remove the sliders you need to take the vice grips, and attach them to the side of the slider opposite the screw head, and clamp them down. Once clamped down unscrew the screws holding the slider into the glass.
13. After unscrewing each slider reposition the new sliders, and screw them down, again clamping the nut with the vice grips, and using the screwdriver to make sure they are tight and secure. Finished product should look like this:
14. Next I cleaned the glass, which is not necessary, but after 16 years the glass has some nasty residue on it, which I wanted to remove.
15. After cleaning the glass, put it back in the door. (Depending on what kind of lube you are using, you may need to grease your sliders at this point.)
16. Sliding the glass back into place is tricky, make sure you put the front in first and make sure the sliders are in their tracks. When I first did this I had a tough time making sure the nuts did not rip the weather-stripping, but I was also alone. Having someone during this step is helpful.
17. After putting the glass back in, replace the 12mm bolts that stop the glass from coming out of the top of door, replace the 10mm nuts that keep the glass in place, and LUBE THE TRACK AND THE SLIDERS(if you have not already done so), if not the window will roll up and down VERY slowly.

Good luck, my windows now seal tight, do not rattle, and are enjoyable again. If anyone has any questions feel free to post them here, or email me:



Good info, thanks for the write up.

For you sedan owners, here are the part numbers and prices from

73321-SK8-013 SLIDER, R. FR. 13.32
73331-SK8-013 SLIDER, L. FR. 13.32

73322-SK8-023 SLIDER, R. FR. 17.22
73332-SK8-023 SLIDER, L. FR. 17.22

Thanks! I hope it helps some people, it will also help if somone wants to just remove the glass for some reason!

I do not know how similar manual windows will be though, since i don’t have crank windows.


Good thread! Are the sliders the same for driver and passanger? How much did they cost?

I know the sedans are 13.32 and 17.22 each and there are 2 of each. one for the front of the window, one for the rear. Should be similar in price

i payed like 22 for the front one and 26 for the rear one. And no there two sliders for each glass and they are different parts. I bought mine straight from the dealership, so i am sure you can find them cheaper elsewhere.


Do any of you guys know if these are the culprits for the haggard rattling when you shut the door with the window down?

itec311- There is a very good possibility, but to make ABSOLUTLEY sure, all you have to do is take the door panel off when the window is rolled all the way up, and see if they are broken!


I replaced those too because thieves were trying to put coat hangers to unlock my car and in the process broke those tabs. I replaced the sliders, added actuators and then took of the rod to unlock/lock. It did the job.

Outstanding! And to think I considered paying to have my replacement window installed! I was afraid of breaking the glass during the slider-install process. I think I can handle this now!

superthug, I never thought of that. When I first bought my car 8 years ago, the metal around my door handles and the window trim were all bent from theives trying to get to that rod.

Grease up the window sliders and the motor also while you’re at it.

ALLHAILG2- I am glad this will help! If you have any questions while in the process email me, or post them here!


I know this is an old thread but thanks for the info this is what my prob is on my 2door and Ill be fixing this over winter


Back from the dead, haha

But good luck with your fix, and even though i don’t frequent these boards as much any more i still check my email religiously, so if you have any questions feel free to let me know!


this fix works for manual windows too right?.. and where are the pictures!! bringing up an old thread

bump as well for the pics

I don’t understand the instructions exactly… and am about to replace my gliders… can anyone chime in with some pictures or a little more detail to further my understanding

i would like to use this teg tip but there are no pics

Sorry guys I no longer have the pics for this teg tip. They were up on here, but got deleted off my online account and off my computer. If anyone runs into problems i can try to help through email or on here, but i do not have pics to post.

If anyone else has pics feel free to post them up, or i can edit the original post to include pics if someone can send them to me.


Damn I can really use those pix now. :frowning: I’m hoping people are using attachments now and not links to accounts…