window visors

What’s up everyone … I need help again … Since finding the jdm window visors
Are hard to find like a neddle in a hay stack … Does anyone know where I van get them or could the ones off a DC be retrofited to the DA window ?

There was a guy on ebay that sells them for both the DA and DB, don’t know if he still is though…

No. Not really. You see sets pop up every few months.

You can find them being sold on eBay and on the private market. DC visors will not work.

Look at the door of a DA and look at the door of a DC and figure out why it won’t work.

However, you might be able to retrofit the visors from a 94-01 DB8 (4-door) Integra, since they are the same style of visor.

I wasn’t to sure about the DC ones … Wishful thinking… Didn’t know about the DB8s visors I look in to that … thanks… Any other suggestions would be gr8

I’m not sure if they have them in stock, but pwjdm sells them. They will be expensive if they do have them though.

theres a set for sale now

Damn … That’s to expensive for me right now … I guess I’ll have to wait …

JDP is woking on a some now.

They said carbon fiber but maybe transparent plastic like the real ones. Either way, I’ll get them & paint’em if I have to. They have to be cheaper than $350.

Besides, you don’t need authentic JDM shit all the time, just on important stuff like the headlights. The visors cost too much 3 yrs ago @ 150 & cost waaaayy too much now. There just 2 pieces of thin plastic when you really think about it; no matter how much I want them.


Corniest quote ever: “Get yours today! JDM is IN!”

I hope so … Cuz I want them but not for that much … its about time someone started to make make some … So we don’t have to pay a arm and a legg for them…

Just keep watching Ebay. Thats what I did. Ended up getting a pretty nice pair with hardware (make sure they come with the hardware) for $100 shipped. These were for my DB1.