windshield wiper hose diagram for a 93 integra

93 integra auto but that wont matter I am certain… I need a diagram as to how the hose runs from the washer fluid reservoir the spray dispersal knobs at the windshield i have the hose or 6 ft of it and the t valves… dont ask me but before i sell this i think it is law in PA that they must work… so for 10 bucks and some fun i would like to run the lines… i could have gone to the u pull it place but i just dont have the time to bother lately … so any help here would be appreciated… dont ask me how we got it without the hose being there but we did… the windshield was recently replaced and they pointed it out to us… so HELP plz:popcorn:
i have found threads where they talk about the motor being replaced or the problem with the actual blade being repaired replaced… but none that specifically address the lines or hoses being replaced or done… i have no clue where they run to and how to get them under the cowl thanks

Here before the mods move you or close you… pic coming