Windshield wipers dont work on intermittent.

I searched but found nothing. My windshield wipers only work on high and low. High isn’t fast enough for this WA rain anyways haha. But when there’s barely any rain, low is too fast. I would like to fix it so I can use the intermittent setting. Just wondering if anybody else has had this problem and what they did to fix it. Thanks in advance.

It’s your ICU, search ICU and all your questions will be answered. Funny thing is I just replaced mine. I found a minty one at the bone yard.
Good luck. T-town baby.:burnout:

Right on thanks bro. Oh at the pick n pull by mchord? If so, which one did u take it from. So I don’t waste my time Hahaha. Hell ya T-Town baby! Haha, I’m always out in Lakewood too. Probly seen me around haha.

Yup the old PnP by Mchord. They only had a DB2 and a DB1. The DB1 had the fuse box and ICU missing and I took the ICU out of the DB2, so you might be outta luck for a min. at that yard.
I don’t drive my teg that often but I’m sure I’ve seen ya around.