wiring a volt gauge

im confused as to how u wire up a volt gauge. I got the autometer one, and the only 2 wires it comes with are for the light bulb…also where would i wire the gauge to?

They probably want you to use your own wire, that what the instructions on my volt gauge says.
all you have is the wire for the backlit light correct? wire the red to a 12v source that goes on with your running lights. Example: ash tray light.

as for wiring the guage itself, you’ll need 18 gauge wire, run the positive (+) to your ignition wire, its yellow/black. the you’ll need a wire for the ground (-) , and that can ground to anything, like mine I hooked up to a bolt on the chasis.

out of all the possible gauges there are to hook up, this one is by far the easiest.
good luck