Wiring after-market foglights thru stock ones

Does anyone know how to wire aftermarket foglights thru the existing stock ones? Also, is this a bad thing to do? I broke the switch the goes to the aftermarket ones, and I didn’t want to add another switch to my dash anyways. Any pics might help also. Oh yeah, don’t know if it makes any difference, but it’s a '91 LS hatch. Thanks.

well, you could simply connect your aftermarket fog switch wire to the stock switch, so it’ll be easy to do… remove the stock switch, splice in the wire and voila! (make sure you are using a relay) One other way would be to connect your aftermarket fogs directly to one of the 2 stock fogs, direclty at the light, once again, be sure to use a relay…

e-mail me if you want, i’ll explain it better to ya…

Whatever you do USE A RELAY, do not splice the wires at the fog lights themselves.

okay, so what if I were to connect them in directly at the stock foglights, but put in a bigger fuse. Would that work? Or would I still need to put in an additional relay for the aftermarket ones?

it would work, but it’s not really recommended… use a relay, it’s not harder to do and it’s gonna be a lot safer! trust me! :wink:

Hey TEGgirl, have you tried splicing it into the DEFROSTER switch like how it’s described in the TEG TIPS section? If it works for the stock fog lights, it SHOULD work for aftermarket ones… just remember to ground them, too…

No, I have not wired the stock ones thru the defrost switch, but once I splice in the aftermarkets, I am more than likely gonna do that.

hey TEGgirl, did you wired them?? if yes, what option did you use?

Hey Answer, no I haven’t done it yet. I haven’t had much time, with all the xmas shopping and work and everything. She’s going up for the winter anyways, very soon (they’re predicting snow this week), so I figure I’ll add it to my list of projects. Besides, it’ll give me something to do over the winter. But, I’m pretty sure that I am gonna go with wiring them directly at the foglights, using a relay, then change the wiring so that I can turn them on w/o the headlights. If you don’t mind, Answer, I may email you for some more details on the relay part of the wiring, and which wires to use, etc. I am more of the mechanical person, not too much for electrical. lol. Thanks for everyone’s help though.

TEGgirl: no problems if you wanna e-mail me and ask about specifics of wiring a relay… I must admit that i’m quite good with relays! I have about 9 relays in my car! lol! just check my sig and avatar, you’ll understand why! :smiley: