Wiring Aftermarket foglights to oem fogs?

I bought/attached/wired up some after market fogs that fit in the 90-91 bumper
It came with this gaudy switch that is just hanging out by my feet in the car

SO i was wondering if any one knew a way to wire these aftermarket fogs to cut on with the oem fogs
basically wiring them to the same switch

the switch is wired up with 3 wires
a red
a white
and a ground


i’m not sure exactly what wire to splice into in order to wire them up with your oem fogs.

but if there is a female connector that is used to connect to the 12v source of the switch, then wire it to THIS free pin on the fuse box.

i have a set of aftermarket fogs installed on my car, and this is how i wired them up.

i installed them on my 92 bumper as pictured here:

and ran the ground wire to a good chassis ground. then i ran the 12v power wire through the firewall and down to the fusebox, i then simply plugged the female connector into the free pin shown above.

the free pin CIRCLED is the parking light free pin. so anything you plug into that pin will work when the parking lights are on. i know its not an exact answer to your question, but its an easy solution.

i hope that helps you out.

ill try it out tomorrow
ill let you know if it works
thanks for the help

no problem. glad i could be of some help.

Ground new fogs to chassis, run power leads for fog lights to a relay, [87] close to batt., wire the relay, [30] with a fused 12V+ from batt., ground relay, [86], connect output from oem fog light switch, [red/blue] to new relay, [85], done deal.:bowthank:94

imcnblue just finished wiring it up
looks good

Hey fcm, what do all the numbers in brackets reference?
I want to get some aftermarket fogs in the future and I would like to get them to work with the OEM fog switch.

CagaLeche those numbers fcm is refering to are the connections on the relay. They will (or should) be numbered. Just follow fcm’s instructions on what to connect to each part of the relay.


The link is an example of what you’d need. The male connectors on the bottom are what fcm is refering to.

This should help… http://www.the12volt.com/relays/relays.asp :sipread:94

Sorry wrong thread…