Wiring amps in general + wiring a sub amp up. n00bie requesting help!

Ok I must admit, I am a n00b when it comes to wiring amps up to get the cain level set correctly. I jsut guess. But now i no-longer want to guess id like to learn how to porperly set up amps properly but the main thing I want to get my amp thats runnign my subs setup correctly. I just got a MT Thunder 6500D to run 2 image Dynamics IDQ12 D4 V2 12" subs. Now i have an alpine CDA-7893 headunit. Can someone please tell me the process of setting up the Gain, Frequency Control and the EQ contron on this amp? Thanks! Also is there anything out there that I should be running on the deck to setup the frequency for the subs? Is there a frequency track to just repeat over and over during setup? Cause I really dont know how Id adjust the frequency and EQ adjustments this amp has lol.

Just do it to your likeing. May take a few times and time. For the best sound make sure you balance out the low-high-mid through the front rear and subs. I like to have more highs and mids in the front and back and all lows in the sub. I put more high in back speakers then the front so that you can hear the music and vocals instead of all base. I hope I was some help and hope you understand what Im talking about. Also dont have to much gain on the amp. It will destort the sound. :shrug: