Wiring for an engine disabler?


Went I got my system put in some douchebag unhooked my engine disabler/power lock remote thing. Im not sure if he cut any wires or anything but what I do know is that everything is unplugged, and there is a black wire coming out of the box.

So here you see

a) Large connector.
b) 4 prong connector
c) 3 prong connector
d) Black wire coming from the system

Anyway, obviously I put the three connectors in there allocated places, but my car just decided to blink and bleep at me and the remote still didnt work, oh, it was also flashing its lights :slight_smile:

So, if any of you have any clue on what I am doing wrong, or where that black wire goes, just take a guess :slight_smile: Until then I will be browsing for schematics of this stupid alarm thing.

Thanks guys!

Edit: Also, the blue and red things on the left side? Ive looked but cant seem to find anything that fits in those, what could they be for? Should I try looking harder? :smiley:

black wire is the alarm atenna wire. you don’t hook that up to anything.

the blue and red connectors on the alarm brain itself looks like the plug ins for the alarm l.e.d and valet switch.

the plug with the blue and green wire, with the red wire cut is for the door locks.

the plug with the green/blue/black/red wire together is for the shock sensor.

edit: if you have or see the alarm l.e.d, just follow the wire for that and you should see the plug for it. same goes for the valet switch, which can look either like a small toggle switch or a push button, possibly located down near the hood release.

You seem to know what you are talking about, please dont leave!

Are the blue and red connectors beinficial to the system working? Because I really cant seem to find anything else to plug in!

Right now I have the main, the 4, and the 3 hooked up, and it is just blinking/not turning off. Also, there is no “alarm” on this, if you know what I mean.

What should I do now?!

Edit: By the way, you are right about the LED/Valet thing.

thanks. i used to work in an race/stereo/alarm installation shop and installed alarms all the time.

the red and blue plugs can be essential, but are not needed for the system to be running IF it was running properly in the first place. but in your case, since it was unplugged and doesn’t seem to be function properly, having those plugged in can help to get everything running normal again. the plug for the valet switch being more important as its function is to be able to put the alarm in valet mode(meaning the alarm is disable(sensors not working), programming the alarm, programming the remote to work with the alarm.

the plug for the l.e.d provides visual indication that there is an alarm. the l.e.d in some alarms also blinks in accordance with using the valet switch to program the alarm. also the l.e.d will show you the status of your alarm, whether it be in alarm mode or valet mode.

if you don’t have either of those, try swinging by a local stereo/alarm shop and see if they have any spare l.e.d and valet switch that will plug in. once you get those, and you get the instruction/programming manual, you should be able to get your alarm up and running.

Ah, ok sounds cool. My alarm WAS working fine before, so I dont know, could it of been possible that the valet switch was “removed” or taken from my car? Where exactly does the valet switch trail to? I mean, how is it connected.

Yeah, right now im basically just plugging in the 3 connectors and my car just blinks and makes sounds, is that normal?

Thanks :slight_smile: I think after this I wont need any more information!

the valet switch plugs into either the red or blue plug on the alarm brain. i believe it was the red one.

the alarm going off and making sounds and flashing the parking lights is normal. the only way to turn it off is through the remote. which i’m assuming is not programed to the alarm brain yet. which in this case, the valet switch would be needed.

check around and see if you can find a small toggle type switch or push button down near the kick panel area.

edit: you mentioned it was also a disabler. make sure you can still start your car if the alarm is disconnected. if there is a disabler/starter kill, and your alarm is going off, you won’t be able to start your car.

Yeah, the valet is the red one. Normally you’re right, I would go ahead and turn it off using the remote, but sadly, the remote doesnt work right now. You’re saying that it needs to be “programmed” into it? Would someone at an alarm/car shop know what to do?

I look around for the switch :slight_smile: Thank you SO much for your help

remote not working could be something as simple as a dead battery. try changing that first. most cheap thing to do right now.

its a possibility that it might be programming. most alarm shops might be able to help you if they carried the same brand the alarm is. if not, its pretty hard for them to know how to program it without the manual or programming instructions.

i know on the picture, it says “Delta alarm security”, is it possible for you to see if there is model number imprinted on it anywhere?

The remote has a brand new battery in it :slight_smile: It lights up and everything so I know it is working fine. I suppose if it has been unplugged it could of lost all the memory programmed into it, right?

): I hope I can get this working, my locks were drilled and its the only way of securing my car!

it is possible that being unplugged could have erased the memory. try to find the programming manual for it online or something and give that a shot.

Why not go back to the place where you got the system installed and have them fix what they messed up? :hmm: 94