wiring from interior to battery

i’m looking for the best way to get my amp power cable from my trunk to my battery, but i cant seem to find a hole to bring it into the engine compartment…

where would the best place be to route my wire through to the battery?

There is a rubber gromet in the firewall just below the gas pedal. Look in your engine compartment and you will see it. Real easy to spot. :wink:

i ran my power wire through the crack in the open passenger door up in to the engine bay, its a tight fit but it works out great, just tuck it into the door sills and you can only see like 6" when the door is open

thanx for ur input guyz, i:ll try it. :slight_smile:

just put your battery in the trunk like i did. :up:

Originally posted by Rockstar1129
just put your battery in the trunk like i did. :up:

Was that a tough install?
Did you put the battery in a box?
do you have any pics?

its something I have been thinking about doing, but haven’t seen anybody else with it set up like that…