Wiring Harness for B16A

Does anybody have a detailed diagram for rewiring a 91 integra harness to work with the B16a and PR3? I just bought a JDM B16A with the J1 tranny and ECU. I need to put it in my car, but I need help with the harness. I saw a few diagrams (mostly for CRX’s) but I’m kinda basic when it comes to wiring and I don’t wanna screw up.

I am pretty sure you plug the ECU in and it will run. Then add the wires for vtec. Your stock harness should plug right in to the harness on the motor(b16). The only thing I think you would need to find are the four wires that control vtec.


yah I know about the vtec wires. That’s what I need a diagram for.

I believe there is a whole section of it in teg tips. if you take a look there it should have all the pinouts for a b16, then just compare it to whatever ecu you have an switch the pinouts accordingly