wiring harness

Alright I have looked every where that I can think of. Does anyone know where I can order a complete wiring harness for my 90 ls. My lights r now ran to a toggle switch n I’m afraid something else electrical will be going out soon. Also I do not want another used one there’s no point in going threw all the trouble of taking this one out n putting a used one in for it to go out n a year n have to do it all over. Please if anyone knows let me know, and I have tried ebay they only have a used 1 for the engine n want 150 for it. That’s freaking crazy. Thanks for any input

a new harness is going to cost you 100s more than the used ones on ebay if you can find one.

i got the entire interior harnes il give u it for 150 dash/cabin and engine harness its on my running car lmk n il do 150 shipped well depenging were u are

thanks but no thanks. i have decided to just go with a new one no matter what they cost. i want to make sure this car last for a while. the first thing is going to be electrical and interior then im going back under the hood. not saying urs wouldnt be sufficient but i rather just have it new just for my peace of mind.

please if any one knows where to order a new one let me know i cant find it anywhere and its driving me insane. its stupid some of the most popular cars ans nobody seems to carry it. dont understand how everyone makes all the aftermarket parts n nobodys thought someone might need a new wiring harness. so please if u no of a place send me the web site or telephone # thanks in advance.

Just so you know that may not make the harnesses any more call acura to see if they are still able to get them

alright thanks