wiring problems need help

alright guys this is starting to piss me off. i thought i had every thing figured out with the wiring n obviously i don’t. a couple of days ago my passenger low beam went out and i tried to find the short. while doing it i lost my driver side low n high n pass high. so i decided to just wire it up to the toggle switch that turn on the brights. but two nights ago as i was leaving work they went out. so now i have them direct hooked to the positive battery terminal. now when i messed with the wires under the dash my driver side came back on for a few seconds then went back off. what is going on and if its going to be alot of trouble what web site has the whole fucking wiring harness so i can just replace the damn thing and not have to worry about it anymore.

Is there some kind of damage to the dash harness, has there been anything added to it, like an alarm?

When you say, "when i messed with the wires under the dash " what exactly do you mean by, “i messed with the wires”?

Have you made sure all the harness plugs under the dash, [into/out of fuse box are properly plugged in.

I would make sure by unplugging them and plugging them back in, pay close attention to the steering wheel harnesses, [ign. switch harness and combination light switch harness].

Have you checked to see if the problem is the light switch itself?

When you wired the toggle switch, how and where did you wire it in?

There are two power leads, [90] and one, [91-93] going to the combination light switch, [white] on CDM G2s and one, [white] on all USDM G2s,.

If the park lights work the input to the CLS is not the problem so you need to check the outputs.

The red/yellow is the low beam and the red/blue is the high beam and flash to pass, test these two leads to see if they have power on them when CLS is turned on or flash to pass is used.

If good, move on to the head light fuses. fuses 3 and 4 should be hot when low beams are on and fuses 9 and 10 should be hot when high beams are on or flash to pass is used.
Test them and let me know what you find. 94

The guy that did most of the work to it ran the toggle switch before I bought it. He has it ran to the front of. The fuse block where the fuses go for high beam radio power ran to the top next to battery wire in block. The tack is ran to the front n held in with a fuse. I mean messed with by pulling the wire down by taking off the wire ties off n checking to see if something was disconnected. I would be better off just buying a new one n taking this shit out n doing it right. It just pisses me off when people actr like they know something n mess everything up. U wouldn’t happen to know where I can order one other than ebay

No, sorry, I get all the parts I need for my G3 from the bone yard, mostly the local Pick & Pull, but I will check out any bone yard I come across just in case there is something I, [or a friend] may need.94