Wiring questions

I searched but I’m still kinda confused so I’m going to ask for verification.

I have a 94 gsr block missing a sensor or two on the back. I also have a Pr3 ecu with a mugen program chip.

Two plugs are left in the back of the block that need to be connected.

I believe they are Engine oil pressure switch, and ECT switch, like 91integraGS said in this link http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=41506

for vtec I need to put in a knock sensor (right under the manifold) and wire this to the ecu and not worry about the two sensors I mentioned above. since they are not on the block.

I’ve also heard that you don’t need a knock sensor with a chipped ecu, is this true? I just want to get things connected the right way before I run my motor for the first time. I know I still may throw codes but I want to get as many things out of the way as I can. any help is appreciated thanks guys.

"the single wire sensor is the oil pressure switch.

the green 2 wire sensor (the one closest to the cam gear side of the motor) is the Engine Oil Temperature switch.

and finally the last sensor is the Engine Coolant Temperature Switch. (not to be confused with the engine coolant temperature sensor which is located on the side of the head)."

The engine coolant sensor…also known as the thermosenser connects to your thermostat housing on the 94 block. Without this hooked up your fans will not work.

When installing my B20 I tool the oil sensor from my B18 and screwed it into the B20. The B20 had a plug in the right spot. My stock ecu was looking for the info so I left it there.

As for the knock sensor if the chipped ecu is set up not to need it then it don’t need it. I do not think that they are automatically set up that way. But I do know that it is avail.

ok, here’s my dilema then

I have an itr head which is obd-2

There’s a black sensor on the side of the head closest to the front of the car. my wire harness has a plug that goes in that slot but the sensor is 2 prong and the white plug is 1 wire.

The repair manual said that’s the ECT sensor. so how can I wire this up? should I get another sensor from an older head?

The small one I’m going to plug into and oil pressure switch, and I’ll put that in my block right above the oil filter. but my other problem is there only a place for the switch and no where for the sensor.

I’m really confused here and running circles around all this info, if anyone could help me out any further it’d be appreciated. also thanks jeepxj66 for helpin me so far.

Ok the link in your post has some decent pics so I will refer to those to try and help but keep in mind the B18a in the pic is a 92 and our 91’s are a bit diff.

The bottom pic labeled B18b should look like your 94 motor. The switch that is already there is the oil pressure switch. Your wires should plug right in to that one.

In the same pic there is a large plug a bit higher and off to the left of the oil pressure switch. You will need to find a 14mm allen wrench to remove this plug. Then take the sensor from the same place in your old motor and screw it into the hole and hook the right wires to it. The B18a pic shows that sensor as the green one.

Directly above the oil pressure switch on your B18a is another switch that the 94 block does not have a place for. This is the ect that is mentioned in your link. I know it as the thermosensor. On the 94 block this sensor is screwed into the thermostat cover. It is not shown in the pic as it is just barely outside the pic. In the B18b pic there are 2 water hoses on the thermostat housing. Just past them on the cover itself there is the thermosensor switch.

The ect switch on the head should have plugged right in. That one operates the temp guage. Try using the one from your old motor. B20’s are obd2 as well and mine plugged right in.

Hope this helps and any more questions just ask.