Wiring XBOX to stock sound system?

ok i have an LCD screen i aquired and would like to wire my xbox to the internal amp/speaker system of my stock GS sound system. is there anyway to do this? i will take my headunit apart if i have to cuz i would really like sound to go with my picture. i used the search button to no luck so i was wondering if anybody is able to help me out. thanks!!

i’m not 100% sure…maybe someone could verify.

but i think you need to get a FM Modulator ($20-$30), connect that to the antenna, and to the RCA sound of your xbox. then you tune your radio to the station of the fm modulator, and you get your xbox sound.

ah yes! did not think of that!!! good show, that is what i’ll use

that’s gonna sound like shit unless you ground it PERFECTLY…

I barely grounded mine and it sounded damn good. Altough the better ground couldn’t hurt. I think the better sound is all in the power inverter isolating the engine noise.

yup, the modulator thing on my sirius whines like HELL and sounds terrible. :frowning: