with with my b18c that smokes a lot from exhaust.

its a 93 ls with a JDM b18C GSR engine. all stock internally. about two years ago had the block rebuilt because i spun a rod bearing due to burning oil and me not checking it refularly… decided not to rebuild the head because of overwhelming financial problems at the time… but even after the bottom end got rebuilt it would still burn a little bit of oil… -_- so fast forward to present day 2 years later… it started smoking… it smells like burning oil and it has a tint of blue so i dont think its a head gasket issue… car never overheats and coolant level is always the same… but oil burns… i but it only throws smoke on a cold start up after the car has been sitting for atleast 15 minutes… after it warms up the smoke goes away… which make me think that its my valve guides and seals?.. can i be correct? i know the sure way to tell is due a leakdown test… i dont have access to one at the time or the money to have a shop do it because i just got married and have a baby on the way lol. i will rebuild the engine sometime early next year… so till then my question is can i use any oil additives to stop the smoke and slow it down till i rebuild the engine? its getting bad to the point where i wont be able to drive it without getting pulled over for the smoke… its my only form of transportation… thanks for the help in advance =)