wondering what this is. ABS related?

In the process of cleaning up my car, got the engine out and before I took my broken ABS components out I saw this and wanted to know more about what it was before I started taking things apart. It has brake lines going to it so I’m assuming its part of the ABS system, maybe someone can enlighten me as to what it really is, and does. Here are some pics I snapped. Thanks in advance for any help.

Yes, those are abs components. The thing sitting on the crossmember is the pump and the ball thing is the accumulator I believe. They work together to pressurize the system. When I removed my abs, I got rid of all that stuff too…

Cool, good enough for me. I was hoping it was part of that and all that could go to. Any suggestions on de-pressureizing the system without spraying myself in the face with brake fluid!? Is there a certain ‘port’ to loosen to relieve pressure before taking any hoses off?

there is a special tool honda makes, but i just cracked open the hardline fitting and let it slowly froth out. i just keep running water over mine, but you could also wrap it in celephane