Would hydrolics be a good choice for racing??

Im planing on lowering my LS but my driveway, however, is to steep and it will probably scrape. the exaust scrapes already and its not even lowered yet. So im planing on getting hydraulics, but would hydraulics be good for racing???..handling wise

Imo no, hell no. Had hydralics on my 81 monte carlo.Very stiff when locked up all the way , then very mushy if not.Why would you want the weight of the pumps and batteries including the rack?Don’t think weight is good in racing.

i would park on the street then because hydros or air bags suck for racing. There must be a reason why none of the race teams use them.

LOL!!! i read my question and then your replys and it made me laugh cause i knew that but in need for speed underground 2 had hydraulics and i wuz jus wundering if that wuz possible. I ordered some Tien coilovers struts and shock and should be coming in a week. Im sure those will be good

check your piping, i had the same problem with my exhaust scraping the ground, but then i got it re-done with my hangers tightened and closer up towards the floor of the car, and now i don’t scrape :clap: