Wow, it's been YEARS

Well where do I start? I was a member here WAY back in '02-'04 or so. Dunno what happened to my old account, but it was the same SN that I have now…ANYWAYS. I used to own a '91 RS that started as a DD, and ended up as a track car. I remember the old So. Cali G2IC meets with dudes like J, Schu, Rexwun, KB8, DAKine, etc…the OG’s.

After selling the RS, I moved on to motorcycles, and then on to a RSX-S…but I’m finally back! I moved out to Arizona, bought a house, started a family…and FINALLY got myself another little project/toy car (1992 GSR).

Pics of my old RS:

Pics of the new project:

Original B17A, 140K, original YS1, mint interior. The exterior is pretty bad, crappy paint and a 90-91 front end from a crash in 2003. Car is still clean title though.

Welcome back… nice pick up… and I remember you!

Ahhhhh yeah, how’s it going man! I remember you as well.

Needz m0ar l0wz, etc etc.

Not a bad pick-up man… what are your plans for it?

beautiful man!!! exceptionally clean

Immediate plans:

Fix issue with the car dying:

Get the correct front end on it, lower it, find some era-correct wheels (most likely RNR’s), and eventually respray the entire car correctly. The current paint LOOKS good in pics, but up close there are a shit ton of runs, drips, orange peel, etc.

Then I’d like to show the engine a bit of love…new OEM black VC, Comptech air box (if I can find one), ITR 4-1 header with OEM heat shields, ITR intake manifold, and either an old HKS or Greddy exhaust…and a nice, MILD engine bay tuck.

Nothing over the top, nothing outrageous. Just a clean, solid DD.

That Integra RS looks dead on like my friends. hx rims, single piece headlights, etc, i wonder if it could be the same.

Nah. The RS was sold to some guys in North Dakota. They flew out to Cali and drove it back…100% gutted, only two front seats and a dash. Trunk was filled with a complete B16A swap and slicks, and didn’t have HX’s on it at the time. I sold it on fat 5’s.

Welcome back, i remember you from when i first joined. Nice pickup and i can’t wait to see how it turns out.

I wonder if Duy ever finished his auto-manual conversion…hell, I wonder if he even owns that car anymore lol

welcome back man, we have the same story just opposite coasts…same time frame, lost acct, even same milano red db2 as new project lol weird. anyways clean ride and can’t wait to see what you do with it

Nice! I don’t remember your acct name, but I’m sure that was because I was out West…got any pics of your new project?

i changed my account name, and nah no pics yet, clears peeling so its gonna need paint

great find man, first thing i noticed was the 90-91 bumper

Not a bad pick up.

So shiny and red. My god that looks good.