wrecked!!! need advice.

I wrecked my car late last night. The road was wet and maybe my abs faild me momentarely. Maybe i just fucked up idk. This will be my first post, i was just wondering if my cars fixable (im poor) i cant afford expensive body work. Not worried about cosmetics right away, just want to get back on the road. I didnt think i was going too fast prolly 45 or 50 ,the collision had to occur around 25 to 35 mph. Driver side struck a tele pole n front into a stump, i was wedged n there and had to b tugged out. I drove home and could tell the steering was throwed off a little. Need some imput and advice i dont want to get swindled by a shop thats gonna want to replace uneccerary parts. intrested in any parts for sale that i might need and advice on how i should go about it. I will have a pro look at it soon so ill have more details later. Trying to post pics as of now

You need to have someone look at it who knows what they’re doing.

If you have to ask us what to look for, you really should get a professional opinion.

You could be looking at radiator support damage, suspension components, wheels, etc . We can’t just tell you what is wrong without seeing it.

Unified112 thanks, u are right im gonna get under it and possable take it to a shop today. Off hand i do beleive i bent the radiator support. But like i said i still want to corrispond and receive feed back from enthusiast. Im trying to post pics with my moible and am haveing trouble doing that ,n e one know a good way to get pics on here with a dumb smartphone?

you will need to look at radiator support, Front lower subframe damage, crossmember damage, radius arm damage, and chassis damage. everything except for a badly bent chassis or radiator support can pretty much be pulled at a scrap yard and swapped out.

radiator support if not badly tweaked can be pulled straight… chassis damage depending on severity you would be looking at having it banged out to having to do cutting and welding…

just do a real good inspection of the front end and underneath see what you can see that doesn’t look right.

Djzachtyler i apreciate that man. U covered everything, cant see no visual damage to suspension. Feels like power steering is out when its streight( little stiff) but when it turns twards passenger it feels right. Think its just the driver side acting up, basicaly feels like power steering is out unless ur turning right. N e way im putting it n the shop to find out for sure. I may b looking for parts aem or oem. Thanks again

Yea pics would help alot. i do body work and can help you out as far as price wise. But if the frame was damaged then i wouldnt even bother with it.



Just a couple snapshots above, prolly take more tomorrow

Cali.s that would b nice but im in missouri. Idk where i can go that i know is solid for sure;im just gonna do what i can myself, and go to the run of the mill of shops around here to do the rest. I took the lip spoil off and some minor hardware barely started removeing the bumber.

yea it doesnt look too bad from what i can see from the pictures. just a matter of buying parts and putting them on. So it is a easy fix.

Right on, thats what i was thinking too. Im mad as hell but like i said i wasnt going all that fast

hard to tell from the pics. need better angles, bigger size and close ups. too many hidden damage, if at all. once you have the bumper off and maybe fender, then you can see if the frame and stuff is tweaked.

Yea the pics were pretty small haha that’s why I said from what I can see.

Shit i know, im trying to get the bumber off without breaking what i need to salvage. Everythings all twisted up and unfreindly bolts become somewhat impossible. Either way it will b done soon and ill post better pics.

on a positive note… your wheel looks to not be majorly tweaked… that is a good thing may just need to get the bumper, fender, corner light replaced followed y an alignment.

Still post more pics when you get the damaged parts off :slight_smile:

Ok i got the fender and bumper off, i also took more pics. ill be takeing it to the shop to see if it needs alligned or if i need to purchase a part. link to album, thanks guys for the help. http://m1346.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/93da9gs/2013-05-01_124513_zps85c75b66.jpg.html?o=0&newest=1

I mentioned that im takeing it to the shop, but thats just to get it alligned or to get a diognosis of what part i need to get it rolling. still feel free to comment to the shape of the body even if its negative. i need to take the bumber support off dont i?

still really hard to tell with such small pics. you don’t have a point n shoot camera?

Sorry man im a dumbass, im not sure. I got a good digi camera but dont got internet on my desktop. I strictly moble right now its a galaxy but not a real good one. N e way ill try to take closer ones yet,good news is the suspension problem is just a lower tie rod end. Im mechanicaly inclined but i was wondering, should i go aftermarket or just oem would it make n e difference?