wrong battery fuse

I looked in my GSR’s fuse box today for the first time and noticed that ther’es a 70 amp fuse for the battery while on the cover it says there should be an 80 amp fuse. Does anyone know what kind of symptoms this can cause? I thought my alternator was going out becuase my battery goes dead if my car sits for week and things happen like when I have my headlights on and I turn on the rear defroster or my cd player my headlights will dim. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know if this has happened to anyone, but from an electrical standpoint it should not make any difference. A fuse “blows” when the current goes above the rated amount. In this case, it should have no effect on the circuit unless more than 70 amps would ever go through the fuse. Basically it is a safety so you don’t blow anything important up. It’s like an on-off switch—either its on and your car works or its off and your car does not run at all. Since your car is running, the fuse itself is not causing any of your problems.