Wtb b18a1- mi

I’m looking for a B18A1 block, I bought a 91 LS and the block is toast, I’m not going to bullshit I have about 125-150 to spend for an engine block, I know it’s a long shot, but one I’m willing to take, I live in the Corunna area which is between Lansing and Flint, I’d be willing to drive about an hour if somebody has one avaliable. TYIA

do you need a complete assembled block? or just a bare block?

let me know , i have b18a1 thats dissasembled completely

email me at josh@mattssi.com

i can respond quicker that way

No way man…off topic but I bought my DA from a guy out in Corunna…I used to live in flint now I live in port Huron which is about an hour away. Also my mom lives in Lansing and that’s where my car is sitting at…lol sorry for the life story. Pic:

Jalenda9 do you remember who you bought it from?

I swear the dudes name was Chris, he was Caucasian, kind of chubby and lived in like some trailer park.

how bad is your 91 engine? do you have the complete “toasted” longblock?
Try rebuilding, as long as it is not scarred or cracked you SHOULD be able to rebuild the engine and make it better than before