WTF 91integ were is my handles

Let me start off by sayin this guy jacked me for a measly ass $15 for some door handles :bs: . If you want to lose character over $15 be my guest but give me back my money. I sent this kid a money order priority mail,he got it in 2days cashed it on the 29 of january and he sent an email sayin he would give me the tracking# that was the last i heard from him.He doesnt reply to my emails or answer to his threads any more. I am still rolling down my window and pulling up on the outside handle to get out of my car :mad:

Its not really about the money, yeah i want my money back but :wtf: i just hope no other fellow g2ic members lost a good chunk of money to this kid. I want to know if anyone else has done biz with this guy and if he came through cause i know it doesnt take almost a month to ship some interior door handles.
Jason -
is this the thread you purchased from?

Looks like a few other ppl are having issues with his shipping practices…don’t forget to use the trader rating system!!!

Same prob here, I sent a check for $60 for the header, nothing yet, been like 3 weeks. I got his addy, and I’m about 5 hours from him, I may have to take a drive up there in the next week…anyone with any other problems with him…let me know so I can handle some business.

Dawn- yep thats the thread i went threw it and it looks like alot of people might have done biz with this guy.I will leave him some bad feedback for not responding to my emails or his thread cause if said he was having problems with sending them or whatever else he might make up i probably would not leave some bad feedback. But the dudes a liar,told me he sent them and had a tracking# yeah right :jerkoff:

Vic- if he still has my door handles grab them for me after you slap him in the face :giggle: and i will send you the money :ok:

This guy is doing the same with me and my sunroof. I sent him $40 3 weeks ago. when i e-mailed him about the tracking number he just said it was shipped days ago. It has been a 1 1/2 weeks since he said he shipped it. He also avoids direct questions in e-mail.


I finally received my refund two days ago. I took a while, but it got here.
I wish everyone the best of luck in getting back their money or receiving their items…and if you need me to drive up there, let me know, I’m always down to help and always up for a road trip.

do you still need that door handle???

Thanks for the offer but chad(enduronut) lives down the street from me and he hooked me up a while ago.I couldnt use my outside handle to get out any more it was killing me but thanks for asking if i still needed them :clap:

And connor if you see this i still didnt get the money back yet:hmm:
Email me and let me know what address you sent it to.


Hey everyone this is Connor. I thought that I sent you your $15 bucks back. Look I said in my thread, I tried to refund everyone after my car got impounded. Reply in this thread with what you didnt get, the cost, and your address and I will make sure to get a money order out to you. Sorry again and please let me know so that I can get everyone refunded.

Omg,this is old news man, NO I never recieved any money but I dont give a shit anymore it was months ago and I forgot about it.Atleast you came back on here to resolve the problem but months later doesnt help me much.Anyways dont worry about it im not, and no offense I just wouldnt buy another thing off of you.Sorry you had problems in the family but when you make a deal with someone and you have their money you should try your best to come threw…I didnt hear anything but lies so thats why I got pissed off…dont worry about it like I said old news-Jay