WTF!?!?! Water leaking from under dash??

Ok, its like the problems never cease to stop. Just the other day my radiator went out on me now there seems to be some sort of water leaking from under the dash on the passenger side. I looked under the dash and cant tell where its coming from. It is clear water so I’m confused, where would this be coming from?? It wasnt raining or anything so I dont think its a leak coming from the outside. WTF could this be??? What is the big plastic thing under the dash on the passenger side?? I think the leak might be coming from that.

the big plastic thing under your pass side is your header blower motor have you washed you car it might be leaking from the seals and out the blower motor

I’m not sure if thats where it is leaking from, but thats about the only thing I see under there other than wires. I havent washed my car in a couple weeks and it hasnt rained for about 3 or 4 days either. So where exactly do you think the leak could be coming from?? How do I fix it??

my car does that to but only when i wash it or it rains…i dont know how the water is getting into the car

Did you try the fix on the Teg Tips section.

that is what i did i also took some rtv sealent and put it around the seal on the lower black peace and that help now i just need to figure out why my car is leaking on the drivers side its like a lake

Check to mane sure that the sunroof pan drain tube is exiting the car behind the fender / door .

Also the drain hose from the AC condenser. If it gets kinked it will leak in to the passenger side floorboard.

I dont have a/c in my G2. I checked out the teg’ tips and I’ll try replacing those seals they talk about. But if thats not where the water is coming from I have no idea where its leaking.

I’m having the same problem on my 90 RS…it only happens when it rains or after i wash the car…I usually leave my air on…so when i get in the car and start it…water leaks everywhere…but when i shut off the air…it stops…turn air back on it leaks again…so I get the pleasure of checking it out 2morrow.

i had the same problem on my 91 ls se-at first we couldnt figure out where the water was coming from, and it was like that when i first bought the car. and it can cause your ecu to short out, especially if the water is dripping on top of it. the thread in the teg tips section about the seals worked for me-i haven’t had a leak since.

I know how old this thread is and likely you’ve fixed it by now but did anyone mention the heater core? I don’t know much about the layout of tegs but my F150 had those symptoms when the heater core (mini radiator) popped. Sealent wont stop the leaks, only replacing the heater core works.


Red what year F-150? My 80 had the same problem from the day I bought it… at first just fogged up the windows (for over a year) until the radio got soaked from it spraying.

Sorry for the extremely LONG delay in replying, i haven’t been on here for a while. Yeah, I had an 83 and it did the same thing, the fog! Replacing the heater core was a bitch but when I got it out it had a hole the size of a dime rusted through.


my 92 teg started doing this under my glove box… it was only raining too!

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