wth happen with my koni yellows and eibachs?

i just got my koni yellows and eibach sportlines installed in my FRONT wheels today. and the sportlines advertises to lower the front by 1.8 inches. and guess how many inches my car was lowered. 0. it may have even raised it by a little. the spring was shorter than my stock springs, what the #$@# happened? help please. 90 gs.


are you sure you put the fronts on correct maybe you put the rears on the front :think:

its kinda hard to mix them up front and back cus i just put mine on a couple of weeks ago. did you get the gc coilover sleev with that set up or just the konis with lowering springs?

i didnt mix up the fronts and the rears, but i think i found my problem. the silver cup thing the springs are siting on is upside down.

^^ yup

That, and it looks like you installed the rear springs on the front.


no i didnt install the rear springs to the front, i quadriple checked. i just reversed the cups on one of the struts, and wuallllllaaaaaaaaa. dropped and stiff as hell. cant wait to do the other side and install the rears.

also wouldn’t hurt if you put the little snapring on the lowest perch. would bring your ride height down just a little more. about 1/3 of an inch or so. if, that’s what you’re going for anyway.

good luck with that setup, I had nothing but problems with the koni yellow/eibach setup on my 03 SpecV.

you had problems because it was a Nissan. Not with Koni :wink:

Any Nissan I’ve ever driven just felt like ass. My friends’ Nissans were always giving them problems, and forever complaining how much they hated them.

Now, I’m not saying the Integra is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I hear far more complaints about Nissan/Infiniti cars than I do Honda/Acura.

Guess the OP didn’t RTFM

QFT! (and no I don’t mean quit talking)

no offense to OP, but that was hilarious.