XM Satellite Radio

Anyone have this? Or perhaps Sirius Satellite Radio? Just looking to get some feedback and opinions on it if anyone out there hooked it up in their car.

A friend has it and looves it. I think it’s alright. You can get a CD changer that plays MP3s and it’s all exactly what you want. The big pro to it is the Comedy Stations. They’ll have Eddie Griffith, Prior, Rock, Sandler, and other funny stuff. Other then that you might actually listen to 4 channels. ESPN channel is cool too.

I just got XM Radio and I love it. It’s CD quality, the latest music, and no advertisments in most of the channels. I don’t have to make CD’s anymore cause I always find good music on. Plus they have so many of each category of music that you’ll always find a good song. I absolutely love it. I spend lots of time in my car so I really take advantage of it. Hope that helps.