yellow h3 bulbs / fogbulbs

hey i was wondering if anyone heer bought yellow style bulbs for your fogs which kind do u have , and pics if u have them available

I got cheap yellow ones off of Ebay for $15 shipped.
Works great.

I have ion yellow PIAAs. buy them. they rock…best bulbs I’ve ever bought! then remove the glare guards and rewire them…

HEre are some shots of the bulb itself. You can see the rainbow tint - and it does show up when they are lit! it’s awesome

see the halo?

^+1 iv got these in jdm fogs w/ yellow condom thing and they do kick ass

I was wondering if you could use those bulbs in one pieces…that makes me want to def. get one pieces now! :smiley:

yeah they fit perfect ,these bulbs + yellow condom thing = very very yellow/amber fogs. you can see yellow alot during the day with the lights off!

bacardi, night pics?

btw that’s without glare guards

I used to have them Ion Yellows H3s also, They didn’t really look yellow for me until I used some blue H4Hs.

g2ichris has my Ion Yellows now.

Ohhhh, here are my shots now.

I love the piaas!

yea those are hot…
i just picked up these
which look pritty hot as well…

on another note, ive noticed these with my other bulbs which were in there is that the plastic outside seems to get very hot…is this the case with every bulb, im just afraid of it catching fire…
my other ones did the same but thankfully nuttin has happend yet.
is there anything i can do to help dissapate the heat.

As you can see I got JDM 1 pieces and I dont have no melting problems here.

mine havent melt either but im just curious if that heat it generates is a bad thing, i might drill some holes in the housing

yea so they fuckin suck the ones i got. after 1 day of using them they melted the bejesus out of the outside of my lights and it looks like shit now…for now i took the rubber backing off to the light housing but thats probably not even going to help…i guess now im gettin onepieces…

which bulbs did you use?

did you have the glare guard taken out?

I have mine removed, and mine have been fine since I got them. I was told not to run them often, so I dont, for fear of melting something.

yea but then thats pointless, if ur not gonna use them cause ur scared of them melting- i have 2friends whos cars burned down because of shit like that and im not gonna risk it.

these are them > <>

alot of people are telling me about these PIAA ones, so im going to send these back and get one pieces with those… has a package with the lights, the wiring adapter and bulbs for like 249 shipped. thats not too bad.

I use mine plenty, just not all the time…I dont drive that much at night anyway