yellow integra

hey i searched but only found 1 yellow da integra and thats the 1 with the shaved side moldings …does any1 have another pics of any other yellow integra ‘‘DA’’ thank u

this isnt mine but here ya go


any more? if u dont mind me asking ,where did you get that pic from…

haha no idea…i have a lot of pictures saved. I probably got it off here

not mine but total hottness

my car perfectly fits here

damn dude thats HOTTTT… i love the painted grill

is that phoenix yellow?

yes its phoenix yellow i just like its coz only offered on the civic type r and the integra. i just like this color coz its closee to the sppon yellow … i dont care if others don’t like it
and i painted the car at my house last summer.

it was black b4

inside my garage. i painted the car in sections. i know not painting everything one once will change the shade but actually it turned out pretty good.

i’m still thinking if i should by bronze or black rims?

you did that at your house? how’d you manage that?

wow. you did an amazing job. im painting mine phoenix yellow as well. but im goin with the 5 lug itr wheels gunmetal

yup, and i used a$30 cheap harbor freight paint gun and an air compressor.
me and my bro help me on this one. i took everything out including door, hood bumpers and even the hatch. it took me like 2 weeks.

and you should paint it py.

unfortunately, its "oranged peeled like crazy in some spots. do you know how to make it shiny?

i might be putting any bronze or black wheels but not sure which one?

idk man try and wax and buff the hell out of it

Try 2,500 grit sandpaper and wet sand the fucker, after you do that buff it with some rubing compound than buff it with some type of car wax.

alright ive already done this before but wasn’t happy at all.
i did get rid of the roughness but now its all scratch up. so i got this buffer compound for grit scratches and still doesn’t go away? maybe i got fooled. what kind of compound should i get???

thanks guys i may have to paint my car that color before i sell… that is sooo damn hot!

anymore yellow da’s