Yonaka full coilovers

So I just got my Yonaka coilovers after a 2 month wait but am glad i got them. I ordered them from Stat Racing which is one of our sponsors for if you can believe it $499. This is the best price on coilovers i have found now they aren’t valve adjustable but ride height is also they are for a EG/DC but i have forks so no prob. Under first inspection they seem well made and of good quality here is what they look like

Ill have more to post after i install them maybe later today or tomorrow

Performance is my concern. Let us know how it feels like. Give us also feedback on how it handles on bumpy roads (just be cautous not to go into some major pothole).
I myself have some Weopon-R coil overs mated with KYB struts, and my ride sucks. I feel every part of the road. So I thought it was my struts, so I purchased new ones and pulled out the old ones. Turned out, for some five year old struts, they were in great shape. My friend told me my coil overs wern’t worth a $#!t.
So I’d like to shop for a good quality product that performs decent on 205/40/17 ZR tires. I know this low profile tire size is still going to get beat up, but I’d like to ride down a bumpy road that doesnt feel like my whole chassis and my teeth are about to come a-loose!

So i got them in I did have to do a little modification but i kinda expected that since there For EG/DC. The only gripe i have right know is the front is all the way down. I took out all the preload and lowered the perches almost all the way down to get my car where i wanted. The back could go down alot more but dont need to. I also went for a test drive and loved them it felt firm but still smooth and pretty comfortable. You can feel the road but its not like really harsh it feel nice I havent really thrown it through some corners yet but what i have felt very good. The spring rates and valving are matched perfect i was a little wierded out when i read that they were 12k front and 6k rear. But like i said they felt well balanced

sounds like you got a good product so far…for some struts that were not designed for our chassis! Pics please:burnout:

now for the install
old and new

had to grind clearence for the axles so they dont rub and it worked great no rubbing at all

Also no brak line brakets so i drille this out to mount it on the fork bolt

took off this one dont need it anymore

back is in

this is how far the back goes down now when its in the air

and all done with this side on to the other one

The homemade front/rear lips flow good with those sideskirts don’t they?

Nice write up so far. :rockon:

Did you use the EG or DC forks? I’ve heard the EG rubs and the DC doesn’t… just making sure cuz I’m doing the hybrid suspension soon…

i got DC forks but they should be exactly the same i did clearance them as you can see and the drivers side doesnt rub at all pass side does a little


dude those front rear lips look great with those side skirts. more pix of those?

check out my build thread

how’s your suspension doing?

great no problems at all ride is still awesome

do you know how high they can be adjusted to?

no i would imagine stock hieght im lowered about 3 inches

cool. i’m gonna have to try a set of these!

dont forget DC forks

any recent pics? preferably of the lowest you can go or gone? thanks in advance?

the only one i got right now

how far down is that? or how much left?