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I have been reading and reading and reading the last 3 months about doing an LS/VTEC hybrid and I am still completely set on the fact that this is the best “bang for the buck”. Even though i haven’t ridden in a car with this setup its pretty easy to understand what it can do (TORQUE!). Im looking at only spending about $1000 (with out taking any shortcuts) on the parts and labor for this. Right now i have all the b16 components i need including the PR3 pistons that I’ll be using in it. My b16 head has been rebuilt with new OEM parts and I’ll upgrade the valvetrain eventually, but that’ll hold me over til more money is available. Soon as I get some time and im home from school (christmas break!) maybe i’ll pick up the b18 block. Anyway Im figuring with the higher compression i’ll be around 170-175 whp. I SHOULD be able to get my Del Sol up for sale this week and hopefully pick up a 2g fairly soon. I am most definately not going to rush this project and im just goin to drive the new car completely stock for a while until the engine is all ready. I am only 18 and im pretty sure that its just the excitement of the whole thing that is just putting him on cloud 9. I know I was jumpin for joy when i put my JDM b16 in my del sol, and thats not even that big a deal. Took me 6 solid days of work to put it in and im hopin he does the work himself, much more satisfying.



this was supposed to be on the Engine Rebuilding thread, but whatever, thats whats happening in my world

i’d like to hear how you are gonna build an ls/vtec for only $1000. I figure a reliable ls/vtec is gonna cost no less than about $2000-$2500, however you already have the head, so thats helpful.

here is what i’m talking about:
-shot peen rods $100
-arp rod bolts $40
-all new bearings $200
-new rings $140
-hone/deck/balance block $300
-vtec tranny $350-$650
-head gasket $65
-timing belt $65
-oil pan gasket $25
-oil line kit $100
-ecu $200
-head work (plugging/tapping or whatever) $30-$50

that is the minimum that i’d do, and personally i wouldn’t feel safe leaving out any of that stuff. And thats figuring that you already have the head, intake manifold, and pistons like you said, as well as a b18a/b block.

other things that should be seriously looked at doing would be lightening your flywheel and adding a performance clutch. Since everything is out of the car its sooooo much easier.

i’d like to hear your take on this.

oh yeah

im an idiot

completely forgot about balancing the rotating assembly. im not going to get a VTEC tranny right away, so thats the most expensive part of your suggestions, but with the rest added up it should be right around $1000-$1200…but yeah i would like to get the VTEC tranny with an LS 5th gear, but thats a while down the road.

patience patience patience…keep tellin myself that