You should go ls/vtec RIGHT NOW!

I got my ITR head yesterday. Wow. Let’s just say the old car is faster than she used to be. Also got the ITR intake and throttle body. Installed the Apex VAFC and set the vtec at 4800 for the moment. Will get it dyno-tuned in a week or three. I like it, I like it a lot.

Just thought I’d share my joy.

Re: You should go ls/vtec RIGHT NOW!

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You should go ls/vtec RIGHT NOW!

NO! but im happy that you like your setup, i wanna see what kinda numbers that puts down.

I wanna see what she’ll do, too. I need better tires, but even with my P7000’s the car will be a lot quicker than before. I just need to launch really low to avoid spinning. Maybe launch and street tire don’t belong in the same sentence.

are u running on a stock block or what? and also why do u have the vtec engagement set so low, your not suppose to feel vtec engage, cause if you are you are prolly losin a lil hp:)

Just a stock block.

Did a quick run from like 80 to 110 on the freeway against an RSX (not Type S). Yeah, he lost.

Anyways, the Vtec was set arbitrarily, will fiddle with it as I get used to it. And at any rate it will be set properly when dyno-tuned.

yeah vtec should be a continuation of power and not a ‘surge.’ you have a vtec tranny with that? If not don’t try to outake GSR off the line…they will kill you in 3rd gear, but on the freeway…nothing to it lol.
oh yeah i have a LS/VTEC also, but i killed 1 of my pistons…pr3 pistons and 91 cali gas don’t mix well. Goin to pick up my ITR pistons tomorrow from machine shop and my baby will live by tomorrow night if i work hard enough:rofl:

Anyhoo grats on your work and enjoy.


is your ecu throwing codes? did you hook up a knock sensor?

I do not have a knock sensor installed. And out of curiosity, why would I need one? The motor is running 10:1 or so compression and I am running good ol’ Cali 91 octane. There shouldn’t be any problem with detonation.

Also, the ECU is spitting out an error for the atmospheric pressure sensor. Working on getting that resolved.

i dont have a knock sensor hooked up either, i’m running 12:1 compression and have the ignition timing retarted to 14 degrees… the only codes my ecu is throwing is a knocksenor and my low end feels slugish, it feels like my b16a had more low end than my ls/vtec? :shrug: oh yeh the only reason y i asked if you have a knocksensor hooked up is to prevent the ecu from running in safe mode (no cel) so you can get the most out of the car…