your opinion pls... (LSVTEC)

your opinion pls… (LSVTEC)

well i’ve gotten it down to two different options for my little lsvtec project and i was just wondering about your guys’s opinion on it all… so let me know your thoughts and opinions on my plans…
i have a '92 LS block and im planning on putting itr pistons and eagle rods… new bearings too…

OPT 1: b16a2 complete stock head, ready for lsvtec, p&p… ready to drop on top of my block… from a shop
OPT 2: '1996 JG Engine Dynamics Pro Series gsr vtec head,full race port and polish,3 angle valve job,stainless steel valves,lightened valvesprings,
stock gsr cams and sprockets only used for 5k… from a private owner

which should i go with… i heard the flow characteristics on a b16 are better than the b18c1… theres a little price difference, in favor of opt. 2… one’s from a shop and ones from a private owner… so let me know…

Compared to the B16 head, the 96 GSR head would give you a higher C/R since the combustion chamber is considerably smaller. Are you going US ITR or JDM ITR pistons?

The B16A head will give you better flow characteristics when P&P’ed. But then again I like how the 96 GSR head sounds. It has all the nice valvetrain already. I would probably lean towards the 96 head. It will give you more compression, already has the upgraded valvetrain, and the price is better. Then I would spend the extra money on a Skunk2 IM.