Your views & opinions on Skunk2 cams...

I have heard more bad then good from the performance and quality of skunk2 cams…but I want to hear more… im kinda interested in buying a set still but don’t wanna make a mistake so I want to hear what you all have to say. Im running several skunk goods with no problems, just no cams yet


I have heard that skunk2 cams NEED to be tuned really good to make power. I have heard good things about the stage 1, but no of the stage 2. depends what you are going for, daliy driver, auto cross or drag racing.
This is what I would do-
daily driver= CTR cams
Drag racing= JUN stage 3’s
auto cross= something from TODA

good luck with what ever you choose :up:

thank you!

Skunk2 is an awesome company; I would go with the skunk2 stage 1 for your set-up. The problem with the stage 2s is that they usually over-cam most set-ups, meaning that the cr is not in tune with the lift and duration of the stage 2s…