ZC Swap

I’m considering doing a ZC swap into my '90 GS. I’m not necessarily looking for huge amounts of power, but a good base to eventually run either turbo, or nitrous sometime in the future. (going for cost efficiency) Has anyone here had any experience with the ZC, and if so, would this be a good route to go? I’ve also considered the B16A, but for the price, the ZC seems to be the way to go. Also, will the stock transmission work with the ZC? Thanks for helpin a 'newb out.

I suggest something different than the ZC swap you can find better engines for a good price and have more power/torque. Like a B18b or B20 swap. The B16 swap is a good and cheap swap if you want some more horse power and Vtec. Any the gearing will help with the loss of torque from switching from a B18a.

If you want to swap something cheap and plan on going turbo eventually, I think you should go for something like the B20 or B18b.