zdyne question

so today i found out that the threads that hold my knock sensor in (b16a) are stripped. because the knock sensor throws that code my timing gets retarded. there is a person willing to trade his zdyne ecu to me for my PR3 plus $100. the thing is that his ecu is from a sohc crx, and he had it hooked to a b16a2, but he says it will work for me. basically this sounds good to me because i want my knock sensor disabled, my speed cutoff disabled, and my rev limiter put up to 8500. have any members heard anything about this? any help is appreciated, thanks

It all depends on which Zdyne he has. If its the Gold, then its all good and one badass deal. He is right in that it will work in the the integra though.

Also, it depends on what ECU it was before it was sent to Zdyne. If it is one that looked for the input of a Knock sensor, you will still be in the same boat. I have no idea if SOCH motors use a knock sensor or not but my GUESS would be that if it was a SOCH VTEC, it had a knock sensor. If the ECU came out of a car that had no VTEC before it was sent to Zdyne, then it won’t look for the signal from the knock sensor.

I hope this all makes sense and helps.

i pretty much understand. all that i was told was that it was the ecu that originally came with the crx. are all obd0 ecu connectors the same? if so then i imagine mine would plug in. im also not sure if it was a gold, but im told that the guy paid about 350-400 to have zdyne do all that to his ecu.

It should plug right into your harness. I would assume that the CRX never came with any form of VTEC. If that is the case, then you are good to go. If that is what he paid, then it is the SILVER ECU.

hopefully ill get a chance to try it out in my car before i purchace it and ill see then. thanks for your assistance

VTEC won’t work if you use his ECU. timing will also be screwed up as well as fuel delivery. That ECU will NOT work.

thats what i thought too, but he says zdyne completly reprogrammed the ecu to run the b16a2 he had in his crx

If his ECU was programed to run a B16a then it WILL WORK in your car.