1.8 GS non V-tec turbo?

ok i am just gonna take out a loan for the f max turbo. I am getting jelous of everyone getting turbos, AAAHHHHHH, i got to have one. Would people recomend this kit, do you really think it would up my power. from what i read the kit comes with a lot of fuel and air components and all kinds of **** to keep your motor pretty reliable. Right now I am putting Type R rods,pistons and rings in my block, should handle more than stock ones, and i have i/h/e on my car…any suggestions on a different kit or the bottem end parts i listed???

What compression ratio are you gonna be at with those rods and pistons? I would really suggest getting some forged pistons. And, umm, yea a turbo will really up your power, prolly 2x the power if its tuned right.

well I found out that the rods are actually too long so they don’t fit, i am just going to get the Type R pistons and rings and install those on my factory rods. I don’t know if my turbo is a definate, i was told not to use the turbo off the eagle talon i have, so i might wait until i have enough money to do it the right way. Surely the Type R pistons and my factory rods will withstand up to around 225-250 hp assuming i can build mine to that stature.
Another guy told me the pistons up my compression which should up my hp some hopefully. im not sure about the compression #s after the Type R pistons are installed. I also will have my block rehoned if that makes a difference.anything i should know about any of this./…

Don’t get those Type r pistons. Get some forged pistons with a compression ratio around 9.0:1 or so. The type r pistons would be better for a N/A setup. If you dont wanna get the forged pistons, then keep your stock pistons, they have a compression of 9.2:1. and the forged ones will be much stronger.

Type-R pistons will give you too much compression for FI unless your brave and going for track only.

How much are you getting the kit for? I can probbaly hook you up if you are interested. Let me know. Allan

Originally posted by thederrickm
Type-R pistons will give you too much compression for FI unless your brave and going for track only.

I agree, ITR pistons will give you an unfriendly FI c/r. The LS stock c/r is ideal for FI. If you are looking to boost above 10psi, you can opt for some SRP pistons of the same ratio-maybe 9:5 if your worried about going too low until you bolt on the turbo. Good Luck.

hey integracon, another beginners lesson for me, what actually do the ratio numbers mean ex. 9:5 , 9.2:1…etc. Anyhow if i choose to just rebuild the bottem end with new pistons,rings and rods, should i just go back with brand new stock ones or go for forged everything for my specific year car? also for the head is it worth buying a new head already built from importbuilder.com with portflow and different valves and everything and then throwing some crower 403’s in it?

ive been doing a lot of research on turboing my g2…being that it is a big investment in doing this you should consider a lot of things beforehand…how much you willing to spend…how much boost you planning to run…etc etc etc etc…i just found it really does cost a grip to have a really reliable and powerful turbo setup…unless you can get the phat hookups…as for rebuilding the engine…its recommended…from what i have heard…if you dont plan on blowing your motor…forged pistons, rods, etc. will help a great deal when dealing with the power the turbo makes…get info first about turbo…then decide the route you will take into building your car for turbo…