10psi without tuning possible???

If you guys please hook me up in listing the things I need for my setup,… I would really appreciate it.

I have a turbo from a Volvo,…
a guy in a shop that sold me the turbo told me that all I need is

  1. The Turbo
  2. External wastegate (turbonetics) he said it was the best.
  3. turbo Manifold (wich he is doing for me right now to make it fit the flange of the Volvo turbo)
  4. BOV
  5. Intercooler

Ok, I believe that’s what I need to be able to run like 6psi, i’m I right? Ok, here’s the freaky part,… that guy, wich he has built a couple of turbo Hondas before said that my car (92’ Integra RS) can hold like 10psi,… and I believe is true but with proper tuning, like the fuel stuff. He said “NO, your car can hold the 10psi even without the fuel stuff”…

I don’t know if to completly trust him, i’m gonna tell him to just put it to like 6psi just to be safe. What about if I really then want to turn up the boost, what are the other things I would need???

oh and what kind of power should I expect at 6psi???

thanks in advance to anyone with replies,… possitive replies.

Cheap boost can be fun, but for how long? Why would you not do a fuel setup? Shopping around you could do it for less than 300, and have one huge worry to not think about (more or less). Don’t know where he gets his info that the turbonetics WG is the way to go, seems that I’ve heard nothing but the contrary.

I certainly wouldn’t boost 10psi with ZERO tuning. Seems like a recipe for disaster if you ask me. You have the majority of the items needed for the turbo. You’ll still need a bunch of little things, wiring, tubing, piping, etc.

The guy is a crack head you don’t want to boost any amount without extra fuel… Tial external wastegates are much better… I wouldn’t let him near my car…:ok:

thanks for repling guys

all the tubing and piping and installation he makes himself.

what are the things I need to make the fuel upgrade so I can run 10psi safely??? and what power should I expect at 10psi???

oh and another thing, what size down pipe should I use???

Personally, I’m runnin a 2.5" downpipe-since I’m still have my AC and a t03/4e snail, anything bigger wouldn’t clear. Typically, budget minded people(like myself) run an FMU(12:1 Vortech-personally) and either an in-line Fuel pump or higher capacity in-tank. This setup is usually good to 8psi, due to the high Fuel pressures.
As far as wastegates, I’d recommend the TIAL, I’ve ran both and never had a problem with my Deltagate. But, some people have reported problems.
Definately, DO NOT run even 6psi without a FUEL system upgrade. When I dynoed, my in-line fuel pump didn’t turn on at 7psi and my AF was through the roof(on the bad side) Investing in an FMU and inline should only cost you about $200 if you shop around. GL

you can run 10psi but you will need to tune your SAFC
do the SMC/SAFC/450cc dsm hack

more info can be found at www.honda-tech.com under forced induction

you will also need
oil feed line
oil return line
fitting welded onto your oil pan for return line
vortech fmu and check valves/missing link
inline pump with FMU or high flow intank pump
all vacuum lines
boost gauge and EGT gauges
all intercooler piping

I have a bosche inline fuel pump from the drag turbo kit for sale if your interested

Who needs DSM 450cc injectors? Cause I got some! haha

And yea 10psi can be fun, but fun for how long?

10psi? no tuning? :down: :down: no no and no! don’t trust him

Unfortunately the world is full of a lot of “guys” that don’t have the same standards as others.

shhhh formz :slight_smile:

its up to the owner to make the decision of how much boost to run on a stock block. more boost = more risk

A b18b/a can take 10psi easy with good tuning!

I honestly wouldn’t trust this guy he doesn’t know what he’s talking about …so I can’t see him doing a decent job on your car. Do you??>:burnout:

hey newintegrakid, i don’t mean to be rude or mean. But my question for you is…

Is this his car, HIS car? NO, it isn’t…

Also, i dont think 10 psi is a good idea on a stock block.

THIS IS NOT, I REPEAT, IS NOT a DSM we are talking about, we cant jigga rig it from the factory to spank up on mustangs, simply by playing with the factory turbo setup. Plain and simple our motors are N/A… they were not made for forced induction…

But small boost should be fine…