14B into an LS

How fast do you think it will run with intercooler?

this is a stupid question. how many psi, how much does your car weigh, at/5spd, u see, its hard to to give u times when all you give us is the turbo size.

well, since you aren’t providing anything specific other than the trim of your vehicle and the size of the turbo, i’d say it’s going to run faster than stock. :shrug:

or, if you’d like something a little more specific, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt for YOU to be a little more specific. who’s doing the headwork? what bottom end parts? compression ratio? how much boost? what octane fuel? how much will your vehicle weigh?


stock trim level integra-
14b with 8psi-stock
just wanted to see how fast their times were using this turbo in their integra-

what kinda tires? and what type of clutch?

no headwork-or bottom end
just plain stock-what should teg run???

Well maybe low 14s? since your clutch will be slipping. Once you get that taken care of and some nice tires, 13s shouldnt be a problem.

sounds pretty good-I am new in boosting and working on project so please have patience-I have most items for the turbo already-here’s the list-
14b ported w-internal wastegate
t3 manifold w-conversion to 14b flange
s1 tranny-cable
450 injectors with resistor box
walboro pump
starion fmic
2.25 exhaust pipe-2.5" from intercooler
Hks hiper exhaust system
msd 6a ignition
-thinking about pistons and rods?
and definately new act clutch
-this is daily driver-and project is running on budget-trying to keep under 2G’s

did you get your 14b rebuilt?

well the person i bought it from had it rebuilt already and got a pretty good deal with it-