1990 integra carb legal turbo kit

my friend has a greddy kit for a da9 he says its carb legal it looks legit he has the paperwork and the carb stickers to go with it how can i see if the carb numbers match for my car he said they didnt make many of them and he got it about 4 years ago used

i think the carb legal one was meant to go on a dc integra… not sure, though

i saw something on team integra that said greddy and hks made carb legal kits for da9 integras so i think it might be true i just want to know if the cops will mess with me if i put it on

probably not if the carb numbers are in order. just look up the carb number online and it will tell you if it was legal on a da. it may be. i’m just not sure.

Search the number in here:


thank you for the link spikeymike the number matches up for my car thanks gonna install it now just paid for it