1991 Yellow DB1 Bulid

sup guys, to start off this is my first major bulid. I have a 91 integra 4door, 5spd, just the shell front end is gone, has really nothing. I had a wrecked 2dr so i thought i’d use its good parts on my 4dr.

Here’s some pic… This is when i first bought it.

Then i put rear supspention on it to move it around into the garage.

this is the empty front end, i just painted it black, think it looks good.

now i just installed the wire harness and brake lines, deleted abs.

here’s the abs deletion i made

here’s the front end i attached by self tapping screws to get it allinged.

here’s the interior, i went to junk yard picked up black carpet and rear leather seats for 80$.

i had a good obd1 distributor, but a obd0 harness so i hardwired the male ends of the obd1 to the obd0 harness. cheaper then buying a new distributor.

since i had to do that i need a obd0 to obd1 ecu jumper so i’m making my own

this is were i’m at so far much more to come. thanks for looking.




here are some more pics i have
the ecu i used for the female plugs

the car on the trailor

my b18a1 motor i cleaned up a little

interior shot

rear leather seats 40 bucks

another pic

more of an idea what i’ve been doing and so.



Wow, what a project. I’ll say you got more time and patience then I do. I see your from chehalis. Get that bad boy on the road and get to some meets, when the weather gets better.
Good luck with the build.:burnout:

haha yeah its alot of time blahh ha. but yeah i’m from lil o’l chehalis. i’ll most def be going to some meets when its finished see how ppl like it. thanks alot. i’ ll need the luck ha

Nice job love seeing people save DB1s, looks like a good project keep up the work man

also here is what i’m using to do my obd0-obd1 jumper harnes… http://www.boosted.org/ecu/COMPLETE.txt i’m not sure if its correct for my da yet so if anyone has input would be nice too.

SHIT. And I thought mine was a project haha. I mean, it was don’t get me wrong, but definitely not like this one. Best of luck!

Great start man. Keep it up!

thanks guys yeah its alot of work i’m doing my best to my ablity. here’s some updated pics on my ecu jumper i just made today 3/11/11.

Jumper is done. bare wires are for my 4 wire 02 sensor. now i hope it works ha.

HA i looked at ur thread and i’m sure u put in alot more work with ur car then mine and it shows. Difference is i’m doing this all by myself and i’m only 21. ha i’ve put maybe 150 bucks into my car so far. i still have alot more to do. I still have to install my gas tank and lines, weld the front clip on, paint front end, ect… blah is it done yet?? haha nice job on urs tho :wink:

Dayuum, built not bought all the way down to the ODB-1 conversion. impressive! :up::up:

thanks man yeah its def not bought lol

got the rest of the stuff i need to put it together :wink:

update. i got the motor put in today and my interior, got the wiring about done. didn’t try to start yet, but i turned the key and all my stuff works :wink: lol all windows work blinkers lights, the dome lights ect. i also installed my cdplayer speakers sounds good. i have my front end put on, not all the way yet but bumper and fenders are on just getting them lined up, ha i’m getting stoked! pics soon

Looks good! I wish I had enough time to try to do my own conversion harness. Working 55hrs a week and running my business kills 75% if my time. And my wife and son take up 20% and I sleep 5%. Hah

Speaking if business, if you want a custom made shiftboot let me know! Can make the stitching ANY color you want. Also a matching arm rest cover :wink: Just shoot me an email, rich.frommann@gmail.com

Very nice. :up:
Too bad not everybody can save these cars like this, most people will junk these beauties instead of go through what us g2 fans are willing to go through for a great car. :frowning:


UPDATE 3/14/11 first fire and getting bumper alined with lights fenders!

first fire :wink: note high idle cause by vaccum lines not all the way hooked up.


ha thanks