1992 GS-R Project - "The Ugly One"

I recently picked up a '92 GS-R for “cheap” with plans for using it as a road race, track only car. I knew the car had some rust, but I didn’t mind so long as the frame was still good, so I bought it thinking that I would just part it out if the rust was too bad.

Well, once the car arrived in BC from Ontario, I quickly figured out why the price was so low. Let’s just say that in the pictures I saw before buying the car the rust didn’t look quite so bad, and there are a bunch of other issues with it that came to light once we inspected it. I think I’ve learned my lesson on buying cars for cheap without checking them out in person first :).

Because the car is so rusty and beaten on we started calling it “The Ugly One”. Happily, the frame appears to be in good enough shape to use, so I’m going ahead with the project.

I’m hoping to have the car ready by the start of the race season next year. At a minimum I need to strip the interior, put a cage in it and fix up the rust, but the current plan is to do much more than that. I can only work on it weekends, so progress is going to be slow. At this point I’ve stripped out the back half of the interior. I guess we’ll see how far I get by next spring.

Anyway, pictures of The Ugly One in all it’s rusty, cancerous glory:

I think water is getting inside, somehow. Maybe :).

It must have been driven through a paint storm at some point.

that’s… ugly

good job on restoring a rare canadian black gsr!

Interesting project, it should be lightweight!

What kind of shape is the engine in?

Mediablast it.

Wow, that’s a rough looking GS-R.

Good luck man.

you have alot of work ahead of you bro


Yes, it should be lightweight. The target weight is 2430 lbs with me, a roll cage and a full tank of gas.

I haven’t driven the car because it failed provincial inspection :mad: so I’m not sure what shape the engine is in. My dad drove it to and from the inspection and says it’s pretty gutless. There’s a bit of valve clatter when revving it in the driveway, but we were going to rebuild it before hitting the track anyway.

that has alot of potentional…fix the rust, paint her, jdmb18c sirg swap it, throw in a 50-75 shot of nitrious…it will no longer be “ugly”

Stock engine only for the class it’s going to be raced in. Only things I can do are intake, header, exhaust, bump compression 0.5 by shaving the head, and maybe a 1mm overbore. I have to use “OEM equivalent” pistons, so they would have to be custom made for that size. Too expensive to do this year, I think.

And besides being illegal in all road race organizations, I don’t think nitrous would last me through a 30 minute race :).

can’t wait to see this beast restored!

rust is a bitch, you pretty much can’t avoid it in Canada

the ugly one. :rofl: how apropriate

by far one of the worst tegs ive ever seen, GL on getting it back into shape.:up:

Nice man good luck getting it back into shape!

If you don’t mind me asking, how did you get it shipped over here?


Cost $860 including tax to ship from Toronto to their holding yard in Delta.

what does the chassis look like?? any rust under the car?

There’s a hole in the floor, but apparently it’s not from rust. We’re guessing the car hit a rock or something at some point. From the first look at the chassis it’s still good. I’m going to give the car a more thorough going over once it’s fully stripped down.

Who are you intending to race with?
Sanctioning body?
Do you have a racing license?
Have you taken any driving courses or track days at Mission, Pacific Raceways or Portland?
Who is going to build your cage?

Who are you intending to race with?
Sanctioning body?
CACC. The car will be built to be legal in both CACC IP3 and SCCA ITS classes.

Do you have a racing license?

Have you taken any driving courses or track days at Mission, Pacific Raceways or Portland?
Yes. I’ve been racing a CRX for 3 years now. All at Mission, hoping to race The Ugly One at Pacific Raceway and Portland as well.

Who is going to build your cage?
I’m planning on building my own cage this time around.

Who are you?
Jordan Isaak ?

LOL Straight to the point eh Marc?

Whatz new man. Let’s go for lunch or dinner REAL soon.

Jordan Isaak